Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crazy Hair Photo Challenge

Well today is day 6 of the July photo challenge at Doll Today's challenge is crazy hair. Our girls Madyson and Isabelle decided to have a sleepover. They got dressed in their favorite jammies and started fixing each other's hair. Saige was to be the judge. She's not in any of the photos but she did decide who had the craziest hair. Isabelle thought that Madyson would look great with lots of ponytails all over her head tied with different colored hairbands. She also added a couple of clippies to her hair. Madyson wanted to braid Isabelle's long straight hair with little braids all over and one flopping over into her eyes. She also added a couple of clippies. When they were done they got Saige to judge. Saige said that Madyson's hair looked the craziest. So she got the crazy hair award. So now it's time for pizza and watching Harry Potter movies all night long!

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