Thursday, July 3, 2014

Daisy Chain Award Nomination!

I have been nominated for the Daisy Chain Award! I was nominated by Shelby-Grace of Oh My Dollies blog.  She started the award nominations and it goes like this, you answer some questions about American Girl doll blogs and then you nominate 5 other doll blogs. You can use the questions that I'm answering or make up some of your own. So on with the questions.

1. What inspired you to create your own doll blog?
Well I wanted to start a doll blog because I love American Girl dolls and I wanted my readers to know what I am working on. I sew outfits for American Girl dolls.

2. Do you like customized dolls?
Are you talking about the My American Girl dolls where you get to choose your own hair color etc.? Yes, I guess I do.

3. Do you prefer My AGs or Girl of the Year? I really like the Girl of the Year and the historical dolls. I like that they have a story behind the dolls. And anything that gets kids to read is always a plus to me.

4. If you could choose anywhere in the world to have a dolly photo-op, where would you choose?  I think that New York city would be interesting. A photo-op at the Empire State building or even the Twin Towers Memorial would be great. We are hoping to go there in a couple of years.

5. Do you design your own doll clothes? I don't design my doll clothes but I sew clothes for the dolls. I love picking out material and getting new ideas about what would look good on the dolls.

6. What is your favorite doll brand? I'd have to say right now it is American Girl Doll company. I think that they are really well made dolls. But other 18 inch doll companies are very good too. I think that the My Life dolls from Madam Alexander are very pretty dolls. Their faces are so pretty.

7. Do you prefer photo stories or crafts on other doll blogs? I really like the crafts. I get a lot of good ideas from the crafts.

8. What is your favorite American Girl doll and why? I would have to say that Caroline Abbott. I like her because I have always loved South Carolina. My aunt and uncle lived there and we used to visit them when I was a kid. He had a love for history and he would take us site seeing at the historical areas there. I recently discovered that I had an ancestor that came to the US from England. He was traveling to the United States because his father did not approve of his marriage. As they were coming over here, his wife fell overboard and drowned. Then that was how he came to live in South Carolina.

Ok now it's your turn! I'm nominating:

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