Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doll Beverages

the Today I made some drinks for my American Girl dolls. I learned how to make them by watching a video on YouTube by Toni Ellison  .
  I just love her YouTube channel. She is a great artist that makes all kinds of miniature foods and drinks. The first one that I tried was the Bomb Pop slushy. To make that you take red sugar crystals and mix it with a little bit of Resin. I used Easy Cast. You can find it at most craft stores. I got mine at Michaels. You want to mix it until it is a little chunky. You don't want the colors to sink down. My first one was too runny so it did sink down some. Then you use coarse sea salt for the next layer. Again you want it to be a little chunky. Add a straw and then add the top layer by mixing blue sugar crystals to a little bit of resin. Then I made a pink lemonade drink although I didn't have any poly clay to make a lemon slice like she did. I made it by mixing a little pink food coloring with the resin. I didn't have square beads so I just used some clear perler beads. And then I made a grape slushy by using the leftover pink resin and the White Sea salt resin mixture with a drop of purple food coloring. I found the neon food coloring at Walmart. I used little communion cups for the drinks. I found them for a really good price at a Christian supply store. Maybe you would like to make these cute little drinks sometime.

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