Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week 1 at Camp Doll Diaries

I'm a little late setting up my camp scenes this week. Camp doll diaries 2015 had begun and I'm so excited! I know that Char at Doll Diaries has so much in store for us! My last day at work was Friday so that's why I'm late getting pictures into my blog. But summer is here hooray! And I'm ready for camp! I decided hat the name of the camp would be called Camp Cupcake. It is a bakery camp. The girls will get to make all kinds of goodies like cupcakes, cookies and even cakes! We have 4'campers this year, Isabelle, Grace, Madyson,and Saige. Isabelle and Grace will be staying in the cabin and Madyson and Saige will be in the tent. 

Here they are signing up for camp and getting their assignments.
Madyson is making sure that all the campers get where they need to be.

Grace is settling into her bunk.

I really enjoyed making the bunk storage trunk.

Lights out for the night!
Saige and Madyson are enjoying the campfire before going to bed. Stay tuned to more camping adventures next week.
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