Thursday, July 4, 2013

Doll Play

I went to our Walmart here in town today and I found some great things for my daughter's American Girl doll. I also found a few things at the Dollar Tree. So when I got home, we decided to have some fun with her dolls.
Here is Madyson taking Jenny's order. Notice the cute vase and flowers that I got at Walmart?


Jenny decided that she wanted pizza. That's an really big pizza! Are you sure you can eat all that?

Now it is Madyson's turn to order. Hmmm.. What will she get?

I think that she's in the mood for a big juicy cheeseburger!
Now that they are done eating, the girls take a break to get ready for school next year.
I found these cute little mini composition books at the Dollar Tree. They were in a pack of 3. And also this pencil holder that doubles as a waistbasket.
Jenny came over to tell  her that we will be having a visitor coming soon. And to welcome her, Jenny picked up this cute little portfolio for Saige at the Dollar Tree! It is actually a gift card holder but I thought that it would be perfect to hold Saige's paintings.

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