Monday, July 1, 2013

Texas Rangers Applique

I made something today that I was not quite sure that it would work but I wanted to try it anyway. I wanted to put an applique of the Texas Rangers on a baseball t-shirt for an American Girl doll. I got the pattern from . So I found an image of the Texas Rangers' letter T and I drew it free handed. I used graphing paper so that I would get the sizing right for the shirt. Then I took some Heat n Bond and I bonded it to the wrong side of a piece of blue floral material. That is the material that I used to make the cowgirl dress that I have on sale at Etsy . Then once the fabric was bonded real good to the material, I cut the T pattern out and peeled off the paper backing. Now I have an iron on applique! I took the applique and I ironed it onto my t-shirt front piece. After I did that, I used some red puffy paint and I outlined it. Now all I have to do is to let it dry. I will start making the t-shirt tomorrow so that I will be sure that it is dry. The sleeves and neck band of the shirt will be red and the t-shirt part will be white with the applique in the middle.

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