Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Camera

Last Friday, my husband and I were able to get away for awhile to go shopping. The church where I go to was having a parents night out. So we took advantage of the time away and went shopping at Target. While we were there, we looked at their cameras. I found a Canon Power Shot SX 160 IS. So far, I have been very happy with it. I guess when you've had the same digital camera for 8 years a new one looks pretty good. I think that this will be a great camera to use to upload my pictures of the 18 in. doll clothes that I've been making. I am starting a new business selling clothes to fit American Girl dolls and this blog is my debut. I am including some sample pictures that I have been playing around with. The first two pictures were made inside. I know that the lighting is not very good but I was just playing around with it. The last one was made outside. I intend to sell my clothes eventually on Ebay and maybe Etsy. I use a variety of patterns but one of my favorite places to buy patterns for dolls is Liberty Jane Patterns. The last picture is from a Liberty Jane pattern.
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