Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dollar Store Finds

Today I found some really cool dollar store finds for Emily's American Girl doll. I got them all at the Dollar Tree. Ok this is what I found: An oblong ramekin dish that I can use as a casserole dish, some colorful bags so that her doll can shop at the market and be green, some sponges that I can make into a juice box, a set of mini mixing bowls for her doll, and finally a couple of cute little Coca Cola glasses. I thought that Emily and I could decorate the little shopping bags. And of course they were each only a dollar! My total came up to be $7.77. Am I lucky or what?

Colorful bags will make great shopping bags.
A red and white ramekin for a casserole dish and mini mixing bowls.
Two too cute Coca Cola glasses.
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